I can't hear a preview VST Amp Rack effect on my guitar

I have a guitar connected into UR28M audio interface on Mic line 2.
On Cubase PRO I inserted an audio track to hear the guitar, so my problem is that I can’t hear those VST Amp rack effects without recording first and I know you can use VST Amp rack effects for live performance because i’ve seen them on videos.

If my connection is the problem, how can I connect it properly so I can hear those effects live without recording at all?

Here are some images so you can see my connections.

This is the VST Connect thread…nevertheless, your pics look ok and you should hear the amp rack without recording (as you have properly enabled monitoring). Make sure you have the git input selected on the track (see inspector and/or track routing). Maybe disable the other fx (gate etc) first…?

Hello, what is the “git input” you said to be selected? Please check the new image I uploaded (inspectorAndInserts.PNG) so you can see if the routing is bad (I only hear the guitar sound but not the VST Amp Rack effects).


looks all good to me. maybe some “clean” or “thru” setting on the amp plug…sorry but I can’t look into this much deeper (as said, this is the VST Connect thread). Maybe post in another thread…