I can't hear my metronome!

It’s on, and pre-count is on… set to “audio” click… can’t hear nuthin’.

I seem to recall back in the SX days you had to set up a audition bus in order to hear the click?

Anyway, it’s just in one project – other projects I’m hearing it fine


VST Connections- Outputs, make sure the Click box is checked next to your main outs.

Thanks Mash

I see the column that says “Click” but it doesn’t do anything when I click on it

Transport > Metronome setup… or
Transport > Metronome On/Off

Maybe that helps!..:slight_smile:

p.s. I’ve been through metronome problems recently so I know how annoying it can be!.. :-I

Way ahead of you dafnii – but thanks for trying!

Need to figure this out because I need to get the track to a drummer ASAP

Been a while, but don’t you have to assign a “sound” in the metronome menu (either a midi click, or an audio “sound” from a file on your computer)? In SX3 it’s on the right-hand side of the Metronome Menu page, as I recall …?

If you chose “MIDI” yes I believe you need to chose a sound source to generate it. But if you chose “audio” and then chose “beeps” it’s supposed to be generated by the program

it’s where mashedmitten says it is. you have to left click 1/4 of an inch or so under the word click and another word click will appear ,that means it’s active. click again to make the other word click dissapear will de-activate it .steinberg should realy sort this one out . it`s always a bitch to explain.

Do you use the Control Room function for monitoring?

Yes! Got it. I was clicking in the wrong box, Thank you!

and thanks to all who offered suggestions :smiley:

For anyone else who’s struggling with this same issue…

this is what fixed it for me - it may be that that is exactly what is being said here but was difficult to interpret …

Cubase Elements 9.5 - Studio - Audio connections and on the output tab in the 'stereo out bus line above the left and right output channels click into the click column and you should see the word ‘click’ appear.

screen shot via this thread…



Control Room on the right. Metronome has to be on there as well!

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Studio / Audio connections / Control room / Edit (e) / Activate metronome click. I had the same (annoying) problem for years!

Hi, open metronome setup on the transport panel ( the ‘e’ icon ) In the general tab under Click Destinations, Choose your output in audio click outputs

I hope it helps