I cant hear or record nothing on cubase LE 10.5

Hey, Ive downloaded cubase LE 10.5
and i setup my voice card…
Tascam us 2x2
and i cant record or hear nothing in the program.
can anybody help me?! please!!

Hi and welcome,

I would recommend to go thru some “First Steps” or “Quick Start” videos, to set Cubase up properly.

Make sure the right ASIO driver is selected in Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System.

Make sure the right Buses are added in the Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs.

Make sure the right Input Bus is selected in your Audio track.

Make sure you understand Record Enable button and Monitor button on the track.

hi, everything is good…
i put the right buses and the asio driver…
but i cant record or hear nothing…
what to do??

Buy some microphones and cables…

@ido ran into the same issue. Did you solve it?

You probably need to turn on monitoring for your channel. Also go into studio devices and connect your inputs and outputs to the proper channels. Then make sure your audio card is detected and selected in the studio devices section👍

Hi Dallon426,

Thanks for your answer. I did all this several times. I am working on a mac (now on Big Spur 11.2.3) and even reseted CORE AUDIO via the terminal. For all other application the TASCAM works fine - in and out -. Why it does not work in Cubase or for that matter in a free tool like an Audacity remains a mystery.

So I selected the ASIO driver, checked the project setting and routed the proper inputs and output. Output for the matter works fine if I just take a track and import a sample. And as I said if i record a quicktime clip or use skype or whatnot everything just works fine.

And I added a track. Selected the right input - well I cannot know because nothing comes out but its the right input from the correct device - enabled monitoring and recording but nothing but silence.

I also checked the Tascam monitoring software but there the two inputs are enabled and all other settings are also fine.

So I googled and looked around but others don’t report similar errors so I guess its me. And i consulted the manual from Tascam and followed the steps. It’s not such a difficult task… well I thought so at least. :slight_smile:

Any other tips please?

thanks in advance.

Hear me out: I found the problem. If you can't record audio after installing macOS Mojave or later - Apple Support If you are on a mac you need to grand your application access to the mics via the Security and blablabla… ■■■■ that 4 hours of my life!