I cant hear or record nothing on cubase LE 10.5

Hey, Ive downloaded cubase LE 10.5
and i setup my voice card…
Tascam us 2x2
and i cant record or hear nothing in the program.
can anybody help me?! please!!

Hi and welcome,

I would recommend to go thru some “First Steps” or “Quick Start” videos, to set Cubase up properly.

Make sure the right ASIO driver is selected in Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System.

Make sure the right Buses are added in the Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs.

Make sure the right Input Bus is selected in your Audio track.

Make sure you understand Record Enable button and Monitor button on the track.

hi, everything is good…
i put the right buses and the asio driver…
but i cant record or hear nothing…
what to do??

Buy some microphones and cables…