I can't import or play any video files

Im trying to import a MOV video and its saying I need quickplayer or something.
I searched online and people say if you have Quickplayer, then technically it should work on Cuebase…

The thing is, I don’t have quckplayer either way, because Windows 10 doesn’t use it anymore.
I have DIV X, Windows media player, VLC etc…

Some of those players only play the sound or the video… VLC plays it properly though…
Is it something to do with them and their drivers?
Help! I have an assignment due! :stuck_out_tongue:


In the older Cubase version, there was used QuickTIme video engine. Since Cubase 9.0.30 and Cubase 9.5.0, there is no QuickTime engine anymore.

So you have to options:

  1. Install Quicktime Player or…
  2. Update Cubase to 9.0.30 or upgrade to 9.5.

thanks, I tried installing quicktime for PC… I think it was a bit weird though because it still didn’t work.
Ill try again

It worked immediately.
I did it again from this website for anyone else’s information: https://downloads.tomsguide.com/QuickTime,0301-31.html


Dear Friends
When i use cubase and try to add an mp4 video everything works well with cubase’s new video engine ! unless when i try to choose a .mov! a simply .mov video my cubase crashes suddenly! I can not even choose it , I send you a photo in Addition. Hope you can understand me.
(My computer is in Turkish language so it says in message appeared ‘’ cubase stopped to work ‘’ - you will noticed in on the photo)
Can somebody help me?? I want to be able to add a .mov to my lovely cubase
I use cubase 9.0.3 Pro

Thank you very much.

Re-encode using ProRes codec, using Tencoder. My machine has been a lot more stable when working to video since I did.


Ookei :blush: but I would like to resolve this problem without encoding or converting video. Is there any other way to resolve this problem without encoding / converting?
Thank you,

Could you share the crashdump file (Documents/Steinberg/crashdumps)?

Okei Martin i send you crash dump file as a we transfer link because forum doesn’t let me to upload it.
Here is the link

Thank you much


Resolved and reported.

It literally takes seconds (or minutes depending on the video file size). Cubase appears to crash with codecs which look to the frame before and the frame afterwards when decoding the frame you want to see. This is what you need to avoid I think.


What video codec do you use in the MOV file, please?