I can't login to mysteinberg, even tho I could a few hours ago?

it keeps telling me wrong password, tho it definitely isn’t. I used it a few hours ago.

Edit: actually its saying sign in failed, not wrong password.

Since you successfully logged in here on the forum, I’d ask if you have more than one account.

cheers for the reply. I worked it out in the end.

bit weird but for the benefit of anyone else coming across this - I googled “my steinberg” to take me to my account. the link google search provided was the thing giving problems, no idea why. as soon as I went to steinberg.net then selected my account the login worked no problem.


Thanks for this! I also did an internet search for “MySteinberg login,” and the login page that led me to gave me the same “Sign-in failed” error message. I emailed support, then continued searching for this error message online as it relates to MySteinberg logins and found your post. Going to the page you specified and using the login link there worked! Thank you very much for taking the time to follow up with that last post.

no problem glad it helped!