I can't open (launch) Wabelab 6 - SYNSOACC.dll error

I’m tryng to open wavelab 6 in my Win10 but after click on “app.exe” i get this error.

Then after push ok, my computer show me this:

and this:

Might be an eLicenser issue (PG has stated that Wavelab 6 should work on W10, at least in general) - have you started the eLicenser app and performed maintenance?

I just downloaded eLicenser but when i put in the code I realized that my code is shorter than requested.
My code is 22 digit characters but elicencer ask me more numbers…
Maybe because my code is very old…?

There are different kinds of codes (download access/activation), did you follow the instructions in the pinned thread Steinberg Product Activation FAQ - #3 by Ed_Doll?

I’ve just readed there but i can see all is too complicate for me.

Probably i will decide to use again my old Wavelab4.
Because in that case, it starts fine and i can simply work with it.

BUT i have a problem,
When i try to save, Wabelab4 quits (crash) in 1 second.
Yes, after clik on “Save as” when i push ok, the program quits.

And this is strange because 1 mounth ago WAVElab it was running with my Win10 very fine.
Now after formatting my computer i dowloaded again win10 but i have this problem…

Here is where i speak about this subject: