I cant open vst files

hello, for some reasons I can’t open vst live files, I tried with different ones and nothing, thanks.

… can you give us some more hints? I guess you are talking about a VST Live project file ( *.vlprj). And you cannot select it? From the Hub? File Selector? Do you get an error Message? Mac, Windows?


yes, I’m talking about those. For some reasons I can only hear the audio files, but I can’t hear the midi files.

So you can load the project and play audio, only MIDI is missing?
How do you play MIDI, from tracks, or from your keyboard? What is the destination (plugin, or MIDI output) for the MIDI data you are sending?
We need more details here.

hello, I’m playing from tracks, all midi inputs, any channel input.

We really need more details, this is still very vague. You are trying to open a VST Live project in VST Live, not Cubase, correct?
What Instrument or MIDI Output do you have selected for MIDI tracks that you don’t hear?
You know the basics and have read the manual, right?