I can't play other audio when Dorico is open

I get Error MM:4

Is there some way to get both to play nice with each other?

Don’t know, what sound driver you have.
Try FlexAsio, (is Ready for Multi-Client) than it works.
You can hear sound from various sources - AT THE SAME TIME-.


Hi @sttrumpet , you are on Windows, right?

In that case you can try with FlexASIO driver or our new generic driver which I posted in this thread.

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The thing that worked for me was what John Barron suggested on FaceBook. Unticking the box in “Card Options”

@sttrumpet , yes, but that is also error prone sometimes. If you change that option ports may disappear or appear, it depends on the hardware device behind it.
On the other hand , exclusive access should deliver more stable audio than non-exlusive mode.

And as I already wrote, it is worth trying our new generic ASIO driver as I’ve described in my earlier posting.

With the new Update-Dorico 5.0.20
on my workstation all is working fine now.

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