I can't record the Cubase instrument plugin VST.

I received two free drum VSTs from Cubase. Both have sounds in the Cubase, but I can’t record the sound of instrument sounds. Other guitar and piano VSTs that I have can record sounds. But only like recording the cursor only when under the drum. Are these plugs the problem? Or is there a solution? I love the plug-in sound, so I want to use it if there’s a way! For your information, I tried reinstalling plug-ins and reinstalling Cubase, but I can’t. Please help me.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You record the MIDI data in the Instrument track, not the Audio. If you want to process an Audio signal, use an Audio track and add an Insert effect.

How are you playing the instrument?

MPC Pads?
MIDI Keyboard?
Clicks directly in the plugin?

If you’re trying to record mouse clicks direct to the plugin UI, that’s not going to work.

If you don’t have an external MIDI Controller to record with, you can use Studio/On Screen Keyboard (tap Alt K to toggle it on and off as needed), to bring up a virtual keyboard interface where tapping the top two rows of keys (qwerty, 23456) can trigger sounds. For that to work, the track input will need to be All MIDI Inputs.

Another option is to use the MIDI Key editor to draw in your grooves.

Cubase has an excellent MIDI diamond editor aimed squarely at entering/editing drum tracks. It would go great with this instrument!

If you also need to change trigger events, or want to make printed scores associated with this instrument, drum maps will allow you to assign each kit piece to lines/spaces on a stave, and define note-shapes.