I can't see any of my tracks

I was working in a session today, closed the project, and opened a previously saved project. The project window comes up blank, showing no tracks at all. However, the project plays just fine. I probably hit some keyboard command that stopped the tracks from showing, but I don’t know what I did or how to reverse it. Help!!

A screenshot of what I see is attached.

Hi jlovell,

maybe you’ve activated the “Devide Track List” and scroll it all the way up? To deactivate it just click on the diagonal line on the upper right corner of the project window, between the Waveform zoom and the ruler.


Thanks, I figured out what is happening. I am using extended displays in Windows 7. Cubase will not display a project window correctly if the project is opened in the #2 display. The workaround is to open the project in display 1, then move it to Display 2 after it opens. This wasted at least 2 hours of my time.