I can't see VST Instruments window


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What a beautiful quilt! Our duty is to bring you better and better things from us. Through a lot of time and effort, we have been able to be proud of our achievements – making good quality quilts and meeting our customer’s need. Today we would want to show you the unique bear quilts. Bear is a representative of friendliness, warmth, thoughtfulness. It is no coincidence that children like teddy bears and bear images are also found in many things for young children. Bears are close and love children, children love them. If your children see our Humpine bear quilts, they will definitely want one.

A Humpine bear quilt.

These patterns are awesome, aren’t they? Click here to see all.

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Some suggestions in the order I would try…

  • Restart Cubase
  • Restart your computer
  • Start Cubase in safe start mode
  • If on a PC (not sure about Mac) try to “Repair” Cubase from the windows apps & features or programs & features menu (you might have a “Repair” button or you might have to hit “Uninstall” to get the repair function).
  • Reinstall Cubase

Just guessing as you did not list your Cubase version or your computer OS. :unamused:

Regards :sunglasses: