I can't set my input to 1 channel with a UR22C

Hello there.

I have an issue with my UR22C where I can’t set my audio input on Windows for it to 1 channel only. I only have 1 microphone plugged into to the interface, which means that on my AMD Adrenalin screen recordings I only get signal into my left headphone. I know I could probably just check the option to export video with the microphone track separately so when I come to edit the content I can just mono the audio track, but that doesn’t make life any easier since I use the screen recording software to save replays of clips in games, and this means every time I want to upload one to Discord I have to go on a video editing software, find the separate audio track in my files, then mono that track and export it. Long story short, I need a proper fix. I’ve been stuck with this issue for years and a temporary fix won’t cut it.

Any responses are hugely appreciated.
Thank you!

P.S. I do still want to be able to hear stereo, which is why I avoided going deep into Windows to try and mono everything.