I can't Unzip Cubase 8!

Hello guys,

I don’t know if anyone is facing the same problem as me but I was within the Grace Period time to have a free upgrade for Cubase 8 and it’s available to download on My Steinberg. However everytime I download it and try to unzip it (using Winrar) I get the message from the attachment.

I never have any problems in unziping anything else but this file.

Is this happening to any of you?

Can someone help?


That is probably due to an incomplete file. What is the size in disk of the .zip package?

When I d/l C8 … I kept getting an error about a missing file…
After about an hour of …re-install reboot etc…

I re-d/l the file and it installed quick and with no errors…

Sounds like the servers might have been a lil overwhelmed.


Try to empty your browser cache and try again (and or try a different internet browser)

P.S. I downloaded Cubase 8 pro complete package and upgrades from 7.5 without issues.