I can't upgrade 8 to 9 free

Hi there

I activated CUBASE Pro 8 just now (2016/12/19), and automatically got CUBASE 9 License.

Then went to official Steinberg website, I entered my eLicenser number, then only 8.5 came out.

According to official Steinberg website, I’m eligible for a free update to 9.

I would appreciate if someone could help me.
Thank you

Could you clarify what you mean when you say “enter my elicenser number, and 8.5 came out”?
If the license for 9 is on the dongle, you don’t need to activate anything. Just download C9 and install it.

Dear jaslan

Thank you very much for the reply :smiley:

I finally downloaded CUBASE 9 after I created MySteinberg Account.
(Last time I hadn’t created MySteinberg Account yet.)

What I did is this;
2.Enter the eLicenser number
3.Click “Check for grace period eligibility”
4.The result shows 8.5 only (last time i was stuck here)

5.After creating MySteinberg Account, 9 became available for download in the downloads tab in MySteinberg.

Thank you again for your help :smiley:

Is it working now?
Does the license let you use C9?


Yes C9 is working with the license:D :smiley: :smiley: