"I Close My Eyes"

This is one I recorded way back around 2001, on Cubase VST32 5.1 and SX1.

I had just installed an M-Audio 2496 card in my newly acquired PowerMac Digital Audio, which ironically didn’t have audio in ports! I recorded the two guitar chords heard throughout the song just as a test. Then decided to write a song around them.

The guitar sounds are via a Korg Pandora. The bass was direct. All the other sounds were done inside Cubase.


i listened a couple of nights ago ,well done mate some good sounds, good mix.


I like the guitar sounds. What are you playing?

My mutt… it’s a mid 90s Charvel CX 290 with a Mighty Mite Tele neck, Fender tuners, an ESP Flicker term, and for the recording it had a Gibson DirtyFingers pickup. It was plugged into a Korg Pandora and into a Behringer Eurorack mixer, and into an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound card.

Looks like a beauty!

I own nicer guitars, but that’s the one I often play. It was given to me by someone who bought it just for the neck!

Really nice crisp mix & liked the track too.