I could not download and install Cubase LE - NOT the trial version

The problem seemed to be the E controller BOTh for Cubase and Wavelab

Any advice please to personal data removed

it was a long an d confusing process even without t he glitches to download and install. but when I finally reached the point of putting in the validation code - NOt the download access code - I was unable to do so because of a problem with the Econtroller

Same problem with Wavelab LE

they came included with my new Zoom mic.

Now the download access codes re no longer valid

And I cannot use the validation codes

am now going to return the zoom and will not try to use Cubase or any Steinberg product in future

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Do you mean eLicenser?

There is no “validation code”. Do you mean the Activation Code?

What kind of problem?

What do you mean by this, please? Once you use it to get the Activation Code, you don’t need it anymore.

So what is the point of this message, please?

Thanks for your reply

I did keep screenshots of the two Activation codes.
The eLiscenscer did not seem to be working - I put in the code and it says “No elicenser selectable”

this was both Cubase LE and Wafeform LE

Nick Rosen


Make sure, you enter the Activation Code (starts with 0240), not Download Access Code.

Make sure, there is a Soft eLicenser available on the left side. If not, download and install the eLCC Helper, please.

Please cna you email me a link to the elicnser - I cannot download without having to reinstall from the start


You can download eLicenser at elicenser.net. The eLicenser Helper is available here.