I deleted some Content Banks recnt and now I can't figure out which one I need for an old prject

FC02_EK09_Snare1_RT.wav - I need this sample. Is there some way to figure out what content bank it belongs?

I installed back again these content banks:

It is located in Groove Agent common Content/Electronic Kits/Kit 09.

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Thanks a lot! Wishing you all the best!

@Brian_Roland Could you help me please to find FC03_AK01_SNR_2_BB
Please :pray: I don’t have HDD space to download all 60-or-something GB to find it

Looks like you should have it all to me.

FC03* samples I can’t find in GA, nor HALion, nor from Cubase Media Bay. I must not have them installed. I’m not sure what library they are in.

The FC04* stuff I can locate with a BROWSE tab search and it seems to be in the GA SE Common Content library…

Use the BROWSE tab of GA.

Put in the sample name and invoke a search.
Be aware that if the little ‘a’ for auto search isn’t on, then you have start it manually by clicking the little magnify glass. The bar turns green and a loopy thing dances during the search. It can take some time if you begin the search from the ‘all media’ node.

If you just want the samples extracted, I can’t help without ‘resampling’ them, as they reside in those locked down vstsound archives.

It’d take me some time to sort it out, and I’d want to see a screen shot of your eLicenser or Activation Manager showing you have whichever library it comes from.

For this one: FC04_CK_1_SnaresOff_v1_AM
You just need a key for any version of Cubase 9 or later. Or Dorico Pro 5.

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Thanks a lot! Life savior! @Brian_Roland
For me, this is the last time I use something from Steinberg’s content banks. At least without bouncing.