I did a mixdown, but the file does not play.

I use Cubase 9.5 (OS is Windows 10, and my audio interface is id 44).

After working on the music, I did a mixdown, but the file does not play. (Mixed-down mp3 files and wave files do not play at all.)

What are the causes and solutions for this problem?

If you have any questions please answer.

How does it not play ?
Do you import it back into Cubase for listening ?
Are you opening a audio player while Cubase is still open ?

Sorry for being vague, I can’t check in Cubase right now, my DAC just blew up in a spectacular manner :-/

Thanks for the reply.

  1. I want to mix down to mp3 or wave file with Cubase and listen to the file that was mixed down with Foobar 2000 (or other music playback program), but the file can not be played. Foobar2000 does not play at all, no music playback at all. No reaction occurs. The same is true for other music playback programs.

  2. I do not import and listen to it.
    I hearI have been working in this way for many years, but I have not had any problems.
    I am experiencing this problem for the first time. the mixdown file through the above music playback program.

  3. Cubase is open while listening to the music file that I mixed down.

I’ve been working this way for years, but I’m experiencing these problems for the first time.

The problem was solved.

I honestly do not know exactly what the problem is and how to solve it.

If you guessed it, it’s probably a problem with my id44 and the usb port that connects to the computer (I do not know if this is the direct solution, but I changed the usb port to solve the problem). Or maybe it’s a problem with my computer’s Windows 10, or both.

If you are having problems like me anyway, please consider this.

More likely you had unticked the :
Release Audio Driver when Application is in the Background.
(found in Studio Setup / VST Audio System)
Then Cubase still has a hold on the driver and Foobar2000 can’t play while it’s open.

Well some can do it without that setting and some can’t, depending on the audio driver, if it is multiclient or not.
Most of us has experienced it one time or another, so no problem, just a setting that has to change to fit the driver and your needs.