I did a test re: VCA fader control on Mac vs Windows

So I noticed on my Mac when I created a VCA fader for several of my tracks the corresponding track faders were incredibly laggy in operation.

Then I switched over to my Bootcamp partition running Win 8.1 and performed the exact same procedure on the exact same song and the results were that the faders operated very smoothly.

I sure wish Steinberg could get Cubase 10 to operate as well on Mac as it does on Windows.

As an update I did a comparison between Cubase 9.5 50 and Cubase 10 .0.20 and there is a noticeable lag when selecting multiple faders for adjustment in Cubase 10.0 .20 compared to Cubase 9.5 5.

I hope that the development team will check this out.

PS, this last test was entirely done on Mac. Sierra and High Sierra.

I just think it’s a multi-platform thing, REAPER is the same - difference on Mac/Win is night and day in regards to graphical fluidity - particularly plugins, i’ve seen far more lag on Mac vs Win - yet they’re all fine in Logic.

There is an ‘issues’ section on here, maybe worth posting in there?

Dorico and, I believe, Wavelab use the Qt cross-platform framework (not to be confused with Apple’s QuickTime, which provided the underpinnings of the legacy Cubase and Nuendo video engine). My understanding is that Cubase and Nuendo do not use Qt; I don’t know if they use another cross-platform framework or platform code that Steinberg developed themselves. This failure to use a well known cross-platform framework means there is no independent information available on performance and it is unlikely to be as simple as upgrading to the latest version of the framework.

Much of the implementation of user interface code for OS X and Windows differs, not least when it comes to HiDPI support. This can lead to quite stark performance differences even if the same graphics hardware is used on both operating systems. It sounds like there is scope to optimise Cubase’s graphics performance on OS X.

I should have clarified that the second test between C 9.5.5 and C10.0.20 was done on both Sierra and High Sierra only. No windows.

There is a difference in mixer lag between 9.5.5 and 10.0.20