I didn't receive the plug-in vouchers from the last sale

Hi , and thank you for the update of C 12 i hope that will be another one before a new version 12 update . I updated from C10 and things are looking ok now . I wanted to write you here bc i cant seem to get a hold of anyone with an answer to why i never received any if the vouchers that was part of the Cubase upgrade deal , wrote to steinberg support i have never heard back . Not really happy about it especially after sending so many customers to Cubase when i was a pro audio sales rep @ GC detroit , this is not a way to communicate with customers that support your product . I have thought of moving to a different daw and company . Never heard back from SSupport and the US reps on the chat are a waste of time their answer is always well there is nothing we can do its up to the main office in Germany , cmon man !!! Very disappointed with my last update investment . I hope somebody that still cares about this company reads this . @Matthias_Quellmann



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As explained many times, you had to have Cubase 12 verified and activated to qualify for the vouchers, and they were only available from September 1st to October 3rd:
Web Archive: Cubase sale

Exactly , thats is exactly what i did i made sure i got before midnight of October 3 . With Michigan time . Are you from Steinberg team ?

I also have this issue. I purchased the product Oct 3rd, but Steinberg was backlogged in responding to demand and so I didn’t receive my license for several days, so I had no way to activate Cubase 12 Pro by Oct 3rd.

Does this mean Steinberg just won’t honor it, because they didn’t get around to processing my order for several days?

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I believe that Steinberg is based in Hamburg, Germany, Where is Michigan? I’m pretty sure it’s not in Europe where sale deadlines are based on the time where the company is based. So if Michigan is not in the same time zone as Hamburg it’s a problem. But if Michigan is in the same time zone…SWEET.

Nobody asked you my friend stop kissing so much … and relax .

I had the option to change my DAW so many times and i still stayed for Steiny , the marketing its lacking and the software being version 12 should of been way more advanced by now . And , Absolute should be included on the full version of Cubase period . This time i am beyond pissed and i still cant get over the fact then for a company with a huge reputation to not reply to your email .

So unfair to many of us @EnergyCrush

Being a developer myself, I try to keep an open mind about realistic goals, even if it is frustrating at times. Every day here on the forums there are new questions, new problems, new requests, etc. Given the very wide scope of the requests, it just doesn’t seem likely or possible for Steinberg devs to be responsive to it.

And it just feels too big. I can’t imagine anyone leverages every part of Cubase in it’s entirety, and it’s trying to support a lot of different workflows, which just doesn’t seem possible.

I’m a composer, but of electronic music, using VSTs for everything, and rarely samples or video. I have easily maxed my CPU a number of times, as I’m always exploring new worlds. The only reason I have Cubase 12 Pro at all is because it’s one of the closest experiences at the moment that has solid VST3 support with no dongle and at least some forward support for being able to drive composition without a mouse. It’s still incomplete, especially for being so close, and thus very frustrating.

No DAW gets all of these things right. Not one. And it baffles me to some degree because it seems like the core of any composition tool would be getting that workflow correct before any other aspect of the DAW.

If you’re doing recording, ProTools is king. It doesn’t support VST and sucks for pure electronic composition if you need that flexibility.

If you’re not worried about vocals or visualization of your audio chain and want less mouse, Renoise can be great, but is much harder to visualize your automation lanes while blending, which is a big part of doing electronic composition when you’re exploring spaces.

Magix and Digital Performer DAWs all crash regularly with my testing for tons of common well-known VST3 developers. They just aren’t stable for exploratory composition.

Ableon, BitWig, FL STudio, Reason, Machine, Reaper, Sequel … many of these tools have some great pieces and I’ve generally found stable, but are either restrictive on DAW controller integration, deep template mapping control, completely hardware driven DAW controller integration, completely motorized fader and bank switching support for in-the-moment channel adjustments, are 32-bit only, are difficult to setup while retaining focus, or just have too much going on to focus on quick VSTi and channel VST loading and above anything getting solid song composition components down on the mat before any other aspect of the DAW gets throw in the way. Maschine with NKS is some ways gets closer than a lot of DAWs for that level of integration including VST and VSTi integration … but often still depends on the developers producing the NKS presets and mapping files, is challenging to navigate or do full song composition, and for me is often either way too processer intensive, slow, or fails to correctly sync transport-wise to use within another DAW.

Wusik has just released a beta for a keyboard driven DAW called Wusik Station STX that seems promising, but currently does suffer from VST stability and is a work in progress.

But it’s just too much. Steinberg seems to be working towards being able to drive the DAW with a controller, but just isn’t there yet, and I don’t expect those requests to get prioritized over all the other requests pouring in. It’s like so many of the breach settlements happening now … there is never enough money settled to go around for all the people whose personal information has been compromised, and makes no sense when it happens so frequently now that everyone already has multiple years of identity theft protection so whatever half-cent garbage reimbursement for being irresponsible with your data becomes the only option. In this case, the tools do too much, they can’t be focused, they rarely fit just your use case, and people want the tools to do a million different things, getting a million different things poorly instead of a few core things well.

Nothing I say will change that now, I think really I’m wasting my time here. It was just an extra kick from Steinberg they stiffed people on the voucher and aren’t going to respond. Better just to assume they aren’t going to honor such things in the first place than be hopeful they will.

Brother i read your whole post and comments , i think we should all hold of on these fast pushing upgrades period , imo there to quick and not need it . I am starting to believe that this updates upgrades bullshit are messing up my flow and they are keeping me away from being productive . We should not allow these companies to dictate us at any cost . Steinberg i hope you are reading this . And when it comes to vst 2 that should never be touched in the first place + all the vst’s they make should be included with the full version of Cubase Pro .

Because sometime i feel like i should ditch all vsts except Spectrasonics ,Sylenth and Nexus and invest on a couple of Hardware Keyboard work stations and be at peace .

If they keep this up they will not see any money from me anytime soon . Especially after the last scam upgrade .

All the best
Elton Mata

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@farfaraway i guess you will never know where Michigan is if you are farfaraway :joy::v:t2:

While I’m currently sort of stuck in Mexico due to circumstances beyond my control, I’ve lived along the west coast of the US and have at least been through several major cities across the country. I haven’t been to Michigan specifically. Have family from North and South Dakota, and for a time West Virginia, Arizona, friends in Florida, from Maine and New York, many other places. Can’t wait to show my wife so many places when she finally has her VISA :slight_smile:

No doubt we all have the plugins we prefer, few or many, and would like them to be completely stable.

While most of my issue with bloat in these systems is not being able to hide visibility I just don’t need, will never use, and are just completely in my way (including keyboard shortcuts), a bigger problem to me is just stability. I do dev work, I get the push, but I also get program managers and the push for visibility that often overrides focusing on the basics.

Cubase Pro is not Nuendo, nor Dorico. We don’t need equal bloat in every version of these programs. Ditch video, ditch crapware in Cubase, let it be a composers tool first, and get those @#$@#$ basics right Steinberg. Is there really that much more value to you across customers for having a bunch of broken cruff as a selling point than making customers happy? Not interested in repeat customers? There’s no point for customers, and they get that, when they have to keep dealing with broken garbage.

Slow down. Focus on basics. Get them right. Keep them that way. There is enough CI/CD aplenty to make it happen. Get it right.

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@EnergyCrush great points brother :crossed_fingers:t2:. Been doing a lot of thinking lately in regards to my set up . I recently got a CS survey from Steinberg i said everything i felt and i can care less if someone loses their job !! They should hire the right people for the job . We deserve respect .

All the best


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