I don't get any sound of some plugins


I just implemented a very basic VST3 host, it is licensed under the terms of GPLv3+

My problem is some plugins work mainly the free ones and some don’t. So what am I missing? How important is ProcessContext?

Since, I own some VST3 plugins from Arturia, I would love to get them working with my sequencer.

I think the plugins are missing some implementation and reject to play any sound.

Here are the objects I am working with, it is actually an ANSI C wrapper.

  AgsVstIComponent *icomponent;
  AgsVstIEditController *iedit_controller;
  AgsVstIAudioProcessor *iaudio_processor;

  AgsVstIEditControllerHostEditing *iedit_controller_host_editing;

  AgsVstComponentHandler *icomponent_handler;
  AgsVstIComponentHandlerBeginEdit *begin_edit_callback;
  AgsVstIComponentHandlerPerformEdit *perform_edit_callback;
  AgsVstIComponentHandlerEndEdit *end_edit_callback;
  AgsVstIComponentHandlerRestartComponent *restart_component_callback;
  AgsVstProcessData *process_data;
  AgsVstParameterChanges *input_parameter_changes;
  AgsVstIEventList *input_event;

Further the plugin logs something to console:

Data input (1) bigger than rebufferizer init (0)

by Joël

On mac OS X there is a host checker plugin available, I have to fix parallelism in my program. Currently, I load the plugin module from main thread …

and now I have to refactor my effect processor to do all other VST3 setup from the very same audio processing thread.