I dont see the Audi warp or variaudio in the inspector panel

How do I activate it, I am using Pro 12

it should show up on the left side under the inspector once you select the audio file in the main sequencer window

In your screenshot we can see an audio part. An audio part is a container that contains single individual audio events. Audio Warp and VariAudio work only on audio events, not on entire parts.
I guess you would have to double-click the selected event in the bottom zone editor to progress to the Sample Editor.

Just to clarify an Audio Part can hold one or more Audio events. Also there’s little reason to have a Part with only a single Event. You can tell it’s a Part from the ‘box’ around the waveform. To turn it back into an Event use Audio>Dissolve Part

I edited my text above.

I use it for exactly one reason: If I have an audio event off-grid or rather short event I can use the container to enlarge the event to e.g. a full bar. Can make handling at different zoom settings easier than just adjusting the snap point.

Good point. I mostly use it to composite multiple Audio Events - but much less since Render In Place was introduced.

As mentioned it is in the main sequencer window. Right-click this and make sure it’s on ‘free warp’.
This feature when used with folders of audio tracks (see the folder track to sync) works to warp all the tracks in the folder at once. Make sure that sync is on if your working with multiple audio tracks!
It uses the hit-points that are found in the audio editor so set that up first, and just use one track that has the best rhythm info and stick to that one track. Then bounce when you are done.

I really hope the OP has found a solution to the problem in the title; I dont see the Audi warp
I’m just soooo tempted to say it’s right there beside the Mercedes Bend :slight_smile:

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