I Don't Understand Cubase Project/Song File Saving? HELP!

I was taught to NOT save Cubase projects to the default Cubase projects location. So, I have a folder on my desktop titled “CUBASE PROJECTS”.

When I launch Cubase, I’m greeted with the Steinberg Hub opening page. I have “Prompt For Project Location” selected. I then tell Cubase to go to my Desktop and then I tell it to go to my “CUBASE PROJECTS” folder. I then make a NEW folder inside of the CUBASE PROJECTS folder and I give it a name, lets say… “Untitled Song One”, I then hit ok and I’m taken to the typical arrangement/workplace screen.

Now lets say I do something as simple as import a couple of drum loops to different tracks. I then go to File, Save As, and then I name that song “Drum Loop” and then I save it and close Cubase.

When I want to work on that song some more, I go to my desktop folder “CUBASE PROJECTS” and select the project folder titled “Untitled Song One”. The “Untitled Song One” project folder opens and I am presented with a launchable song file titled “Drum Loop”. I double click on “Drum Loop” and instead of opening up the song “Drum Loop”, it brings me back to the Steinberg Hub page?

However, I see “Drum Loop” listed first, under “Recent”. I click on that and… the song called “Drum Loop” loads up and I can play and edit it now. I close Cubase again.

Now I go back to the “Cubase Projects” folder on my desktop and I decide that I don’t like the project name of the folder that holds my new song “Drum Loop”. Remember, I named that project folder “Untitled Song One”. So, I click on the project folder name and I rename the project folder to the same name as the song it contains, so I now have a folder inside of my “CUBASE PROJECTS” folder titled “Drum Loop”. Inside of that project folder now called “Drum Loop”, I still have my launchable song titled “Drum Loop”.

So then. I go into my “CUBASE PROJECTS” folder and scroll to the project folder (now) called “Drum Loop” and open it. I then click on the launchable Cubase icon for the song titled “Drum Loop” and double click.

Once again, this opens Cubase and brings me to the Steinberg Hub opening screen, instead of just opening up the song “Drum Loop”. But once again, I see the song “Drum Loop” listed first on the Steiberg Hub page under “Recent”. I click on “Drum Loop” but this time, instead of Cubase opening up the song “Drum Loop”, I get a message that says the following. File “Drum Loop.cpr” does not exist. Do you want to remove it from the recent file list?".

In yet another annoying scenario, if Cubase no longer has a certain song listed under its “Recents” tab, then I’m just screwed entirely it seems. When I open up an older project folder and click on the launchable song file, instead of opening the song, Cubase brings me to the damn Steinberg Hub page again???
What happened to my song? WHY won’t Cubase just load my song? Where is my song? Is it lost forever?

What’s going on here?

What am I doing wrong?

It seems to me that you have not created the project properly from the start.

Also it might be useful to understand the structure of you computer. Is it a desktop or a laptop? Do you have more than one hard drive. Does you drive have partitions? For instance a C partition and a D partition.

It is probably not good to keep your project folder on the desktop. If you possibly can keep the project folder away from the C partition/drive. Create a Cubase Project Folder on another partition or hard drive. If this is not possible create a project folder in My Documents.

When I create a project using the Project Assistant (Hub) I have created a variety of Project Templates in the More option - the one with the question mark. I go to the bottom of the project assistant and set the Default location to the Project Folder and put the name of my project in the Project folder box. I then choose the template I want and then click on Create. This will then create a project folder of the name you have chosen in the Cubase Project Folder. Add the tracks you want and any synths and inserts - save as a template - then save the project. You will be prompted to Name the project and in doing so you will create a .cpr file. This will be linked to the project. When you open the Hub/Project assistant next time the project will be in the Recent section.

I am guessing that you have not organised the projects correctly and the files and folders are all over the place.

If all your files are scattered to can copy them into the project folder when you have the project open by going to Media on the tool bar - Media/Prepare Archive and this will copy all the files scattered around your computer into the project folder you are working on. If you look in the project folder you are working on you will see an Audio Folder, an Images Folder and a Track Pictures folder.

I hope this helps?

Now I’m more confused than before.

  1. I have a Windows laptop with one SSD in it. I have no idea if it is partitioned or not. Why is it a bad idea to keep my projects in a folder on the desktop? Why is it better to save them somewhere else on the machine or even to an external hard drive?

  2. I tried the “Prepare Archive” thing and nothing happened.
    I’ve somehow actually managed to create several .cpr files that have no associated project folder. They are just .cpr files hanging out in the “CUBASE PROJECTS” folder on my desktop. What have I done?

Can you confirm that when you save the project with “save as…”, you are also selecting the path to the new folder you created? I know it seems strange but i have noticed in the past that, on the FIRST save, it does not default to the folder that was created from the prompt.
Just my opinion but i see nothing wrong with using the C drive and even using the desktop if you like. I have been doing it for years.
Lastly, it seems correct to me that if you rename the folder, the path to the project, as defined n the recent projects list will no longer be valid and Cubase will not be able to find it.

I’ve just replied to one of your other posts and there is a commonality with them, as silhouette has suggested it might be, in fact if you are serious about what you want to do then you NEED repeat NEED to become familiar with your computers file structure and how it works, the same goes for Cubase i’m afraid…

Your frustrations are quite clearly down to a lack of familiarity with Cubase and how it differs from the DAWs you already have experience of. You seem to want them to work exactly the same way but cannot accept that Cubase is Cubase and those other DAWs are those other DAWs.
Sorry if that sounds a little harsh but that’s how your posts are coming across…

The BEST advice you’re going to get from here or anywhere else is to go and spend some more time with the manual and go back to the VERY BASICS of Cubase BEFORE you try and do anything else my friend… :smiley:

If you cannot get to grips with the basics then you’re in for one hell of a frustrating and most likely unfruitful time.

The main reason for not wanting to use the desktop is that you don’t necessarily know where the folder is on the C drive if anything happens to the desktop folder. There is nothing wrong with creating a folder shortcut to the desktop. I do that myself. However, I do that with the knowledge of where everything actually exists. In the same way that I know where all the Steinberg folders are on my computer - and believe me it can be confusing where various staff is stored after a Cubase install.

Solution…uninstall Cubase from your computer and forget about it forever.
Then,check Ebay for a Boss DR660,probably not too expensive.Get a midi interface then load Guitar Pro.
Very simple to get you DR660 to communicate with Guitar Pro…too easy.
Now,search Google for GP3/GP4 FORMAT music of your choice.Download a bunch into a folder.
Open in Guitar pro,connect you drum machine to audio out into whatever you want to hear it from.
Select DRUM KIT and you favorite song will play exactly like the drummer is in your house.
Run your DR660 tracks into some simple recording software until it sounds like you are happy…done.
I been sitting here first to get Steinberg Cubase to load and run on 3 computers for 2 weeks straight now…then,reinstalled Windows on all 3 computers with Win 7 x64…still no luck getting CUbase to function…then did EVERY update possible using Windows updates…3 days later I got one to work finally.But then some projects would not open ,Cubase crashed.More updates for Windows…another 3 days of that I got the other computer to load Cubase and seems to be functioning…of course,I am just now able to actually try the damn program and my motivation has been destroyed at this point.I connect my audio inputs for a simple guitar track recording,I see it working and recording.Save the .cpr file and for the life of me,can not get it to play back…I came to the conclusion that my music is not THAT BAD to need this headache…I`m done.Simple recording software mainly FOR FREE and takes 30 seconds to DL and install sounds the same and WORKS.
Cubase is super bloated software…sorry.

Sounds like you’ve found the tools that are a perfect fit for your limited needs. Congrats!