I dont understand how to record the microphone

probably wasting other peoples time here but, i dont understand why i cant record my microphone.
its a usb mic, that works with everything elce on my pc. (lcs usb audio) shows up in the other programs.
this one has

i clicked the streamer thing because its the only thing there. i dont even know what a bus is besides something that takes kids to school.
then i click record and it records nothing.
i download audacity and click record and it instantly works,
what am i missing, from what iv read an the videos i watched, everyones stuff displays and works with a single click?
i thought the more videos and forums i read i would understand it more but now i feel really lost. is there a simple mode button i missed?
or does everything just have a really bizarre name?
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Hi and welcome to the forum,

To me it looks like you are usiing Generic driver, not the USB mic dedicated driver (if there is any). In the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System, select the dedicated ASSIO driver of your mic. If there is no driver, I would recommend to use ASIO4ALL.

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i went to the website for asio4all, thats alot of ads!
downloaded and installed, followed your instructions, wasn’t showing up tell i went into control panel for asio4all and powered on lcs usb audio.
then i had no playback audio on headphones. so i spent a few hours clicking on stuff and eventually i got sound to come thru on one side or the other of my headphones but never both.
going to give up for now, starting to get frustrated.
thanks for the help, and may your day be filled with happiness