I don't want to do this in Write mode ...


I am really convinced of the 5-mode-system of Dorico now. During the last year I got into the habit, that I enter everything in Write mode and only change some Notations or Engraving opitons during this time and don’t touch Engrave mode at all. When I go to Engrave mode for final shaping, there are two things, which often force me to go back to Write mode:

  1. Linked and/or grouped dynamics: it would be great, if one could group/ungroup and link/unlink dynamics in Engrave mode as well. Or if linked dynamics don’t move as well, when I adjust the position of a dynamic in Engrave mode.
  2. Moving system or frame breaks: it would be time saving, if breaks could be moved in Engrave mode as well. And I would like to ask for a possibility to move the breaks to the next or previous bar (e.g. using ctrl + alt + arrow) as well.

I know, that these requests are not brand new, but I just wanted to share my experience from the last months.

Agree with no. 1 - dynamics editing requires a lot of bouncing between Write and Engrave modes. I would suggest putting the Align function in Write mode as well.

I agree with both, as well. Being able to move system/frame breaks in either Write or Engrave mode would be very convenient and it wouldn’t seem to go against Dorico’s philosophy, as such edits don’t actually change the music, only the layout. When I’m doing system/frame edits now I change the rhythmic grid value to correspond with an entire bar, but having a shortcut for this would be handier.

While agree this would be very convenient, I do understand the concept behind NOT allowing this. Yes, moving a dynamic/slur etc., is not changing the music; but keep in mind that this is doable in Sibelius (no idea about Finale) and what happened so often is that one would select an object/slur/dynamic as well as a pitch - and there the trouble begins. I have had this happen on many occasions, and it is nice to know that I can’t mess up the musical intent when I address its appearance.

The way Dorico works means I cannot be my own worst enemy. I’m willing to admit that I need help with that…

For me this is exactly the problem in Engrave mode: because the dynamics are linked, I accidentally have move linked dynamics as well. I nearly never want to move a dynamic in Engrave mode in different systems by the same amount. Therefore I have to unlink the dynamics in Write mode, before I move the dynamic. Perhaps I also would be sufficient, if one could move linked dynamics (or other objects) in Engrave mode with a special key command like shift + alt + arrow.

I also find the way of moving linked objects in Dorico not consitent. When I move a slur, the linked slur won’t move as well. I can imagine the reason for this. But linked dynamics often don’t have the same distance under a system. Therefore the two cases are comparable.

Generally I do like linked dynamics. Therefore I don’t switch off the link function when copying dynamics.

Dynamics and slurs aside, I still don’t see the objection to being able to shift system and frame breaks in Engrave mode.

I suppose that a search function (look for " " as shift-x) could solve the problem :wink: