I dowload some expansion packs tha i didnt bought but somehow i can use them

So i restore my computer cause it was running slow , and when i reinstall cubase 11 pro (educational) through the intalation assitant, i also download some of the packs from Drum Agent Drum kits And styles, but i didnt recognize the name of the packs so i looked them up an they are a paid pack, but somehow im able to use them, how is this possible? it also doesnt shows in my products in the steinberg page, the i also delete them from the steinberg asistant and they are still showing up in cubase


you have probably started the 30 day trial period for each of the products. After that period is over you’ll probably receive a message when starting Cubase that a license could not be found. I thought one could deinstall this by using the Steinberg Download Assistant but maybe not.

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