i feel stupid ,, but

hi guys !
i feel stupid , but i need to ask …
i cant find where the drum maps are located… i need to find one for my bfd2…
the stupid part of this is i posted this way back … but since then versions have progressed and i just cant find stuff anymore … like where the “drm.” files are located… either on the DVD or on the daw… i have looked everywhere i can think of but i just cant find them …
thanx guys

Posting the used OS / System can be useful sometimes…

oops sorry
windows 7 64. cubase 32

i cant find them on the dvd either

Don´t you have to export them to a place of your choice…?

that maybe but i want the stock ones so i can use one for my bfd2 .
i had this problem before but that was two or three versions ago and i cant remember where i found them…
i love the drum editor in cubase and therefore want to use it …
just cant find that folder where they are …

PC Windows Vista and Windows 7
"System drive \Users< your username>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg[Application]\Drumaps\ as *.drm

oh thanks … i will look at that first thing in the morning :smiley:
hope this is it …
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I don’ t have anything in there, but that’ s what the manual says. But then the only stock map I have is the gm map

If you need the ones for GAO: ftp://ftp.steinberg.net/Download/Additional_Content/Drum_Maps/

sadly that’s still not helping , but thanks for the help the GA1 was good to have .
i have asked on the fxspansion site also …
BFD2 has some wonderful articulations and are set up in drum maps… if only i could find them grrrrr

I just looked through my BFD 1.5 and 2 data and couldn’t locate files called *.drm, so I saved a groove and and a keymap file to see where they go. You could do the same?

Grooves went to: My Docs>FXPansion>BFD2>Grooves> *.bfd2pal (short for Groove Palette)
Keymaps went to:My Docs>FXPansion>BFD2>Maps> *.bfd2map

I have all my BFD data on separate drive, so I was surprised to see the default path go to My Docs!

Hope this helps you locate your missing files.


A short google turned out this: http://www.cubase.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=136788&sid=a13a51dd4a19b9146eaca1b3e1403f72

Hope it helps.

thanks… but they are just the files we make ourselves and not the “Stock” files i am looking for

thanks … i found that also but the file has been removed and the old forum is down so its no longer on the server … shame
even the user has a new name now …

if anyone has the email link for the support guys … can you post it pls
or even better can any of the mods help me here ???