I finally got Wavelab 10 - still trying it out but loving it so far!!!

So I just got it… tried out the reference track… AWESOME!!! Thank you PG!

I still have much to explore, but right out of the gate, I’m psyched. Looking forward to doing some work in it - will try beginning tomorrow!


I upgraded from Elements last week as I was in the process of mastering a project, so took advantage of the half price upgrade offer. I’m also very impressed so far, though likewise I have yet to delve deep into things. I must try out the reference track thing! I use an X Touch One with Cubase and have managed to assign many of my most used functions in Wavelab to it which is useful. I very much like being able to swap quickly between speakers, which was not there in Elements. Lots of extras now available. As mentioned by many, it’s great that PG is a helpful participant in the forum! I have already benefited with my current project from an answer he gave another user in a post entitled “Feature Request - Time Bend”. Great stuff :slight_smile:

I did the same as Dickiedrummer. I had picked up WL Elements 9.5 a while ago then upgraded to WL Elements 10. When the sale hit I jumped on it.
WL Pro is fantastic. I have had Sound Forge for many years and always looked at WL with wishful eyes. Now the wishing is over. :slight_smile:

I just got it too because of the student discount that was ending for me this month. I like the exchange between Cubase and Wavelab, but I got plenty to explore because I want to complete albums! Enjoy it!