I formatted my computer and forgot to deactivate Steinberg eLicensen. How to call back eLicensen

I formatted my computer and forgot to deactivate Steinberg eLicenses,
so I re-install window but I can’t not reactive my eLicense to use Cubase Elements 11
I bought my Cubase Elements 11 online on Steinberg so I do not have any USB to call eLicense or

All actions can be done when you sign into the Steinberg website. Log into your account and you will see all of your access numbers. You’ll have to install latest version of the licenser so you can input that into your account and transfer all of your products.

Dear Wickham, Thank for you reply

I already log in but it shows nothing in my account, Please see in attachment pics.

And I try to put an e-license that shows in my e- license control to my account online but It shows nothing too. I think because I never add it to my account.

Do you still have the emails where they sent you the activation codes for your products. You can also log into the Steinberg online store if that’s where you purchased it and see all of your past purchases with their activation codes.

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Sure I use that activation code in my e-mail but I show

“Download Access Code is already consumed by another user.” Because I just formatted my computer today without deactivating my code. T T, I think Cubase is to hard to recovered other program is more easiler.


Are you sure you don’t have another Steinberg account under a different email address.

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I think no because I have innovice in this e-mail and I was save this text.

Cubase Elements 11 Full Version
Your Purchase Details - Order No. 2167****
Order Date: 24/01/2022
Activation Code/Download Access Code: 11UGW-********************
Program, Filename: go
Customer Number: 11388*****
Login / E-mail: jeepwin@hotmail.com
PASSWORD: *********

Is that the message you get when you try to enter the access code into the e licenser

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(image with personal info removed)
Thank you, but I check on my wen history I was using only this e-mail to log in for Steinberg.

Did you put the code directly into the e-licenser

I think, yes. If I put it directly into the e-licenser, can I recall it?

Yes I think

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Thank you, now I try to e-mail to the online retailer that I bought Cubase on the official website to support this case but I am not sure, Will they can solve this or not.

Thank you so much for your information.