I gave in and bought the 13 pro update. Installed on ancient PC and ready to play

After seeing all the negative posts and reading the feature list I had decided to wait. OK, 2 days seems long enough! Will try it on home PC before letting it anywhere near studio PC. I have a 2011 Intel i7 2600k and Cubase 12 runs fine on it. So after download and install and authorise, I have 13 up and running. Only been playing with it for 10 minutes but it runs a basic song I had taken home to experiment with. On an ancient Tascam US1641 USB interface. Will take a while to get used to new graphics etc. But that’s what Christmas is for…

That’s a whole lot of will power there :joy:
It’s not that bad once you start trying to sort out issues that Steinberg should sort of sorted for you or let you know about , but as per usual it’s find out for yourself .
Apart from the graphics i think the workflow stuff is a good move .
Loads of good little tweaks
But those fader cap , oooh my lord .
I have an old 3700k im thinking loading up with it so let us know how it runs :+1:

So far so good. Had one crash when closing a song. But only been on it for an hour. I already hate the mixer graphics of course. It looks like a till display at a supermarket in the early 2000s. Loaded up Iconica and it seems to have some nice orchestral sounds.

Yes i gave that a whirl earlier , sounds really good , i love the basses