I get SL ONE instead of SL PRO

Hey there

Downloaded properly via Steinberg Download Assistant.
I have proper License.
I actually uninstalled SL ONE from my system (after Downloading and installing it with Cubase 11).
and still SL ONE opens, and SL PRO is nowhere to be found…

I think the installation file on the server is the wrong file by mistake maybe ? :confused:

There’s only one installer and one software binary for all SpectraLayers editions (Pro/Elements/One) so no need to uninstall - what edition appears at launch depends on the licenses you have activated in the eLicenser Control Center.
Can you see an active SL Pro license there?
If so and if SL Pro still doesn’t launch, can you send a screenshot of the eLicenser?

Ah… Then I probably don’t have a proper license…
Mine is an NFR license.
Is that it?

Red dongle ? There’s an issue with it right now, you have to request a supplementary license to Steinberg. We’re working on that though, so it’s easier to use SL with a red a dongle.

Yes, red dongle.
Thanks Robin, I will ask my local vendor.
If you know how I can request that directly from Steinberg - it will make things quicker I’m sure :slight_smile:

Same issue here.
Any news about the red dongle SL authorization?

The next patch will make it easier to use with the red dongle. No ETA yet, but could be coming this month.


I’m glad to say that Spectral layers works fine now! Thank you for that :slight_smile:

Yet, many products that don’t open using the red dongle, mainly the sound packs for HALion (from Soundiron, Cinematiq Instruments etc). But some of them do…

How can I know what works and what’s not before I download them?
Will it all be available in a future update?

Highest Respects!

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Bump :slight_smile:

As far as I know there’s no public list of what can/cannot be opened with the red dongle.
Maybe the support team can tell you more about it if you contact them directly.

What branch of the support team are we talking about?

Hm… I would start by asking the person at Steinberg who provides you the annual activation code for your red dongle :slight_smile:
You could also try the support request form at MySteinberg: Steinberg ID