I give up. (But not on Cubase.)

Hi all,
I’m throwing in the towel. After my first post (http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3290&p=21915&hilit=confused#p21915). I thought I would keep trying to resolve my issue with the non support of the Yamaha(Steinberg) O1X in windows 7, & the non support of Cubase(Yamaha) 6 in windows xp. After I was told that it was a Yamaha(Steinberg) issue, not a Steinberg(Yamaha) issue (both same company).
I called Yamaha(Steinberg) support in the states. The guy on the phone was as confused as I was. He gave me a support # and said he would get back to me. No response for a couple of weeks.
I emailed sound on sound because I subscribe (the only music mag. i subscribe to) and they give honest reviews and I thought they could help a little guy. Got a reply from Paul White editor in chief (Thanks Paul) saying he would pass it along to the Yamaha UK guys and see what they say. No response. Also got a reply from Paul Decruz (Thanks Paul) sales manager North America. He said he would email the top marketing guys with Steinberg with my problem. No response. No slam to the guys at sound on sound at least they tried.
Just a small, small jab at Sound on Sound, I thought maybe they would mentioned the problem in their latest review of Cubase 6.
After a few of the guys in this forum told me cubase 6 was solid on windows xp I bought it. Imagine my surprise when the Yamaha(Steinberg) O1X is not listed on the add midi device list. It even still says in the remote devises manual that the Yamaha(Steinberg) O1X is supported. I double checked it.
So I am done. I am going to sell my Yamaha(Steinberg) O1X and get something that is supported by the Cubase(Yamaha) program, and works in Windows 7. (wanna buy it cheap?)
So the little guy loses and the big company wins. Even though they say it is supproted in the manual, it’s not. And with Steinberg(Yamaha) pointing their finger at Yamaha(Steinberg), & Yamaha(Steinberg) pointing their finger at Steinberg(Yamaha) it’s a no win situation. (Would an auto company not support a broken part on their car if the part was made by somebody else?)To bad, I really liked the Yamaha(Steinberg) O1X.
Thanks for reading and sorry if I sound a little frustrated. It’s been a long time since I have made any post, and now I hope it will be along time before I make another post.

Thanks, fitterbkw

Yamaha lost my respect after the 01X-i88x lack of support.

They could have made a final update to allow the remote function through its midi outputs and not only trough mLan, then many people would have been happy because it still could be used as a remote controller. I will never buy any Yamaha device that needs a computer to run (ie. Steinberg MR816), that is very clear for me.

The only good about my mLan disappointment is that it made me discover RME, and now I’m really happy with my Fireface 800. It’s still a reference since 2004!

Maybe I don’t understand it, but I have the Yamaha 01x in the add remote device list here on C6.

Just a small, small jab at Sound on Sound, I thought maybe they would mentioned the problem in their latest review of Cubase 6.

Seriously…you don’t even have a confirmed problem…others have said that this same combination is/has worked for them…so it seems fairly likely that the issue is caused by user error & you expect SOS to mention this in a magazine review :open_mouth:

Moan at Steinberg for poor support by all means, but c’mon…even the smallest of jabs at SOS is completely unfounded.