I Got A New Lick

This song is about my experience going to Blues jams.

Vocals,Bass, 2 guitars, lap steel and drum loop. Cubase 8.0 and UR22.



It’s Wednesday night at the local blues jam.
I hope all the locals see how good I am.
I hope I don’t get nervous and start to feel sick
because I practiced all week and I got a new lick.
Ohhhh daddy; I got a new lick.

If we play a little shuffle in 4/4 time, a 1-4-5 with words that rhyme.
And I’m paired with some pros who play real slick,
I hope I get a chance to play my new lick.
Cuz ohhhh daddy; I got a new lick.

I’ve got a blue silk Kimono, and a feather in my hat. And …
I paid big bucks for my sunburst relic’d strat.
I’ve got down Stevie and his bag of tricks
and I’m gonna show the locals some stinging new licks.
Cuz ohhhh daddy; I got a new lick.

I’m working on my swagger but my loafers are my tell.
That I probably spend all day on Microsoft Excel.
I hope I catch the eye of a blues Jam chick.
She’ll think I’m pretty cool when I toss her my pick.
Cuz ohhhh daddy; I got a new lick.

I hope the fella’s know Red House in the key of E
and they’re good enough to follow me.
In the middle of my solo I’ll give a little kick
perfectly in time with my tastey new lick.
ohhhh daddy; I got a new lick.

I’m gonna really slay it on CrossCut Saw,
it’ll be my version of a coup d’État.
There’s gonna be a new RealPolitik.And
Someday I’ll be hanging with Keith and Mick.
Cuz ohhhh daddy; I got a new lick.

Veeeerry cool…just could not get more lad back… and again, brilliant lyrics…

Kevin :slight_smile:

great stuff,been there got the t shirt ,thought you might have featured some typical blues licks,or maybe you did lol.good one.

Nice recording. What converters do you use.

Thanks for the comments. Currently I’m using the Steinberg UR22 as my interface and Cubase 8.05 32 bit.

Enjoyed immensely as always. Agree with Polgara – you could really nail this one by adding a few stereotypical licks! I know some of those licks myself, and I have gone to a few blues jams! The jams can be pathetic on the surface, but how cool is it that aficionados are willing to show up with their treasured guitars and effects and expose themselves among friends (on guitar), and incidentally manage to keep a lame bar in business? It’s probably less harmless than a gun show, for example. Long live the blues jams guys! You captured it well.

Swingin’! Funny lyrics, perfectly expressed by the somewhat deadpan milquetoast singing (which was great). My only complaint is the drums are a bit too repetitive…I’m not wanting a break, exactly, but maybe a little fill or something here and there. Good work :laughing:


I agree with what Doug says about the drums.

But great job! Tasteful playing! :sunglasses: