I guess I'll just use somebody elses audio software.

I created an account to download Cubase for my Alesis multimix4.Too bad the activation E-mail never made it through I’ve been waiting for almost 3 days trying to click the “resend activation e-mail” button hundreds of times.I checked both my inbox,and my spam folder,then I tried sending an e-mail to customer support with absolutely no response.Tried searching the net for a customer support line,nothing.I guess you guys just don’t want any customers.It’s cool,there is plenty of other really competitive software on the market.Too bad I’m going to have to review this as a negative experience on youtube.I’ll at least try and make it really funny for my audience so we can laugh about it.

Hi and welcome,

Contact your local Steinberg dealer/support. They can send you the confirmation email.

Already did that,they take way too long.Something is messed up in your activation link system.Your customer support isn’t winning any points with this response either.

Depending on your country, you may be able to call your local distributor directly:


This is primarily an user forum (users helping other users) and your attitude is pretty silly and unnecessary.