I HATE The Grand 3 - nothing but hassle


My first warning (I should have learned):
I tried the trial version of The Grand SE. Then, every time it told me the trial would expire soon, it crashed Cubase.
I should’ve got suspicious here.

So, I fell for a Velentine’s Day ‘Special Offer’ to extend the activation. The whole process failed.
Mmmm…still didn’t learn.

So, like a mug, I spent over £200 on The Grand 3, naively assuming a Steinberg product should be fairly easy to install on another Steinberg product, yes? (Cubase 6.5 on a new and powerful PC designed for music use).

And, of course, the inevitable happened: every time I tried to use it in Cubase, ‘Serious Problem’ message, computer freezes etc.
Oh, dear, dear, dear. One credit card bill - no piano.

Since then Steinberg’s service has been truly dreadful. I am currently attempting to get a refund. Emails ignored, passed from person to person, Steinberg pass me to Asknet who pass me to Yamaha then the whole charade begins again.


Sorry to hear you are having so many problems. Did you update and perform maintenance on your usb dongle?

That often sorts out license related issues.
TG3 works really well for me on PC with C6, C7, N5 & N6.

Having the exact same problem. I’m using the Grand SE 3 trial in a few projects, and those projects now won’t open. I get a message from the e-licenser saying “The license for the Grand SE 3 will expire soon. In 2 hours 21 minutes.” Then Cubase freezes and won’t open. I’ve performed the maintenance on the USB licenser, and validated usage periods. Still Cubase won’t open. I’m using a Macbook Pro 2.3 GHz intel core i7, with Mountain Lion.

Actually they are now opening again without Cubase crashing. I don’t know what happened. I just left it for a couple of hours, came back to it and can open my projects again. Whew. Now removing all Grand SE 3 from the tracks.

Aloha guys,

I started reading this forum
because I am considering purchasing this product.

Not off to a good start I must say. :slight_smile:

I’ll keep reading the rest of the posts and
try and determine, sup?


I have had the Grand 3 since it was released. I have not had any problems using it in C 5,6 or 7. Based on the few post here I would not let that discourage you from getting it. The few problems posted here don’t appear to be operating system specific either…

Aloha C, and thanks for your post.

After reading the rest of the post in this forum it seems you are right.

Most users here have few probs and do indeed enjoy using this product.
(and the up-grade price for me is great)

I’ll be pulling the trigger next week.

Mahalo guys,


I’m looking forward to purchase ‘The Grand 3’, reading some posts here made me think twice about it.

Should I go ahead and buy it ? or would I regret it ?

The Grand 3 demos sound very good, and at the new lower pricing, I feel it is a very good library.

Just being careful before buying it. I’m guessing there are many happy users of ‘The Grand 3’ , and a few users who are having some issues with it. But, not sure about this.

Would love to hear some feedback from Happy users of the ‘The Grand 3’ :slight_smile: and maybe some feedback as to how it compares to other Grand Piano libraries on the market.



I purchased The Grand 3 a few days ago. Had no issues with installing it. Worked like a charm.

The Grand 3 sounds great ! I’m very happy with the quality of the all the Pianos models it offers.

TIP : When using the convolution Reverbs, try to not dial it too wet, I also like the warm and dark sound of the Pianos when using the Damper Pedal. Use the EQ to shape the overall sonic quality.

Playability is great too, adjust the velocity response curve to taste, and play.

Thanks to Steinberg for making such a wonderful Grand Collection.


I’ve had The Grand 3 for about 3 weeks now…and works as expected.
I have to re-phrase this after listening and using high quality Genelec Monitors.

In the “close” setting using the Bösendorfer piano: There is way too much of a “wooden box” type of sound in the samples.
The very noticeable “box thump” makes it unusable for my piano practice.
Sure, the microphones had to be close…but perhaps not a good selection or placement of them.

In the Player mode this is much less of a problem, and I use this for practicing piano pieces.

I had a trial and when it expired I was confused by the way my computer behaved when projects were trying to load. I had to be patient until the processor finished, then all was normal. I now have the full version and 3 months of trouble free. I use TG3 for inspiration as the sounds are good enough to take my head away and I can play/practice longer before ear fatigue . I don’t build projects with it though, it is too pure, not gritty enough for my songs. Recently got Symphony & expecting TG3 to mate very nicely.

I’ve just bought the Grand 3 in the 2016 Valentines sales promo and it works absolutely fine on my Windows 7 64bit DAW and Windows 10 64bit laptop.

Installation was smooth and for £55 it sounds great, I consider it to be excellent value.