I have 2 days left to return the UR824

I like the sound of the UR824 but Cubase 6 turns off the mixer software. Steinberg has not reponded to this and I am still not sure how to send a vocal to a reverb while tracking in the Cubase control room.

Is anyone aware of other brands that would work? I tried the presonus one but there was not enough headroom in the preamps.



it is very normal that the UR mixer turns off when you are working with Cubase, because all the functions are available in Cubase. This is the same with the MR816.

On page 23 of the user manual you will find a step by step guide how to setup the device for vocal recording with the Rev X effect. ftp://ftp.steinberg.net/Download/Hardware/UR824/UR824_OperationManual_en.pdf



Thank you. I didn’t know there was an extended manual for the 824. I got a very short one in the box. I have been reading the cubase one and find it more difficult to follow.


The RME UFX has reverb on board. New converters are supposed to be great and, for the money, there is no better interface. However, it’s about twice as much as the UR824.

I have it set up to do 1 headphone mix now in cubase. I don’t see any nice fast way to do 4 headphone mixes like the UR mixer.
The UR824 sounds amazing but I really think they should have just had an option to use the built in UR mixer. It would be great if someone had a video that should cubase and control room set up for 4 headphone mixes with different reverb sends on each one.


This may be too late, bit I believe that the RME UFX interface with its TotalMix-Fx software is the answer. TotalMix remains active at the same time as your DAW and you can use it to route anything to anything, so creating multiple headphones mixes is very easy.

I have a UFX with two MR816CSXs linked to it via ADAT (although you could use any other interfaces in place of the 816s) - it is the best system I have ever had. It provides zero-latency monitoring and monitor-effects on all of the inputs.

Before getting the UFX, I used six MR816s linked together with Firewire and ADAT, but the direct-monitoring does not work (see the MR816 forum). The setup was very difficult to understand and the suggested work-around involved sacrificing all S/PDIF ins and outs and and some ADAT inputs and was almost impossible to maintain.

Thanks. The UFX is something I may get eventually and sounds ideal. I am hoping I get lucky with updates from Steinberg. I have the control room working but you can only have reverb on 1 headphone mix or output,unlike the MR series. I hope they fix that because it basically makes this complicated cubase mixer useless.

The control room does have the advantage of setting a different track mix and input mix per musician. I don’t really need that option and prefer the speed of the UR mixer .