I have 2 mics... HELP!!!

Hello all!

I am completely new to this world. Working on a podcast that requires 2 microphones. I am not using an interface or audio mixer; both mics are USB. I’ve been looking for detailed tutorials on how to connect them both to utilize at the same time, but no luck. Does anyone know how to install the devices on the Cubase Elements 9.5?

Windows 7 PC
Cubase Elements 9.5
Audio Technica ATR2100- USB

Thank you!

This is not typical CUbase operation so as ou’ve already found pretty hard to accomplish.

Nevertheless it should be possible but you need the ASIO4ALL ASIO driver as this is one of very few that will allow multiple devices to be used at the same time. A Google should show you where to download this driver from (it’s free). Further searches may then show you how to get it all set up.

Personally, if at all possible I’d suggest you try to find a way to use a single Audio interface though, it will give better results and be very much easier.

I believe a lot of the podcast guys/gals will use this to mix and monitor different devices. It has more flexibility than ASIO4all.


That indeed looks a lot more useful than ASIO4ALL (having once spent a long time to get ASIO4ALL working with two devices)!

Thank you both!