I have a big problem with Output and Im not have idea how to fix it

I have a big problem and Im not have idea how to fix it

Steps I did and happened spontaneously

I added FX Track
I linked 3 tracks
I send them to FX track and mysteriously Output was muted

I can see the signal coming from all the channels but output isnt showing any signal, no sound at all…

  • Output appears as Connected

This must be a bug but, how can I fix it by the moment?

Thanks in advance


Could you reproduce it (with other - testing - project)?

To fix it, I would try to set the output of the tracks as Not Connected and then route it back to the Out.

Hello, sorry for the delay, I just reproduce it the issue in another project, same steps…

  • select various tracks
  • link them adding routing
  • open a new group
  • finally send those channels to the group, and here is when the problem appears…


I tried to reproduce it, but it works to me. Could I ask for more details, please?

  • Link: Did you right-click to the channel and select Link Selected Channels from the menu? Or did you link the channels different way? What is the settings in the Link Group Settings window?

  • Open a new group: Do you mean Add a Group Channel? Do you Add a Group Channel or Add a Group Channel to Selected Channels? What Channels are selected?

  • Send those channels to the group: Do you mean to route the output of one of the linked channel to the Group Channel?

  • Output was muted: Do you mean there wasn’t a signal? Or M button was witched On?

Yes of course

1.- I selected all the channels I want to link

2.- I linked them using the button at the top of the mixer window called “link”

3.- Settings are: Volume, Sends, Routing and Selection

1.- I add a new group channel in the arrange

2.- it was around 20 audio channels and in both projects, those audio channels was of drums

Yes using the tab Output of one of the linked channels and then in the list, I go to Groups, and I select the new Group Channel

In the master Output There wasn’t any signal after this steps

I should add to the info I did this when project was running/ playing, I didn’t test yet what happens if I click stop first

I can try to make a video later… but for now this is the info


Thank you for more details.

Did you do this in the Project window or in the MixConsole?

for link the channels I do with the button link in the mixConsole, and the rest of the steps I do I the project window

I’m sorry, I still can’t reproduce it.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

hello good morning, yes I could try but how I start the safe mode?

Safe start mode:

Can’t reproduce it from following your steps. Do you have the Stereo out as the output for the newly created Group?