I have a blown tweeter -- RESOLVED

Event Project studio 8’s… I’ve scoured the web relentlessly but nobody carries them. So I guess I have to order a pair of something else that will fit in the hole. They’re typical 4" tweeter, and I don’t know where the crossover is. Any ideas how to proceed here? Or should I just get new monitors? I love my PS8’s

I would either email Event support or one of there main dealers, just putting in a random tweeter is probably not a good Idea.

Oh, If they are active speakers they may well have an amp for each driver thus the crossover will be before the amps.

Contact Event and see about getting a replacement (or a pair of replacements). It’s an easy fix if you can solder (use a heat-sink to protect the tweeter and/or crossover).

I suggest NOT merely filling the hole with a tweeter that fits. Event engineers good monitors. Trust their design and use only their replacement parts.

Doug stated he looked around the web for a vendor selling, what may be, a proprietary part. He didn’t find any. I’m not surprised.

Event Electronics are the folks to talk to. If they don’t make that driver any more, they are the best folks to recommend a substitute.


I’m sorry guys, I should have stated that I’ve called Event directly who flatly told me that the product was no longer supported; the person I talked to suggested a third party but that webstore only has tweeters for the PS6. Subsequent to that, I’ve sent numerous emails to Event asking for suggestions that have gone unanswered. So I thought I’d ask here if it was kosher to use some sort of generic tweeter.

well at a push and really at a push you could replace both tweeters with some other. Otherwise it’s new speakers :cry:

Thanks Doug for the clarification. I am very disappointed that Event wasn’t more helpful. I have a pair of their ASP8s I have been extremely happy with. It is disconcerting that if I need service in the future I may be S.O.L. Maybe I should have gotten the ADAMs after all.

I’ve received good service from these folks:


If you can find tweeters that will fit, and of similar frequency range, you can effect the repair yourself and save a bench charge. Many of the drivers Parts Express carries have spec sheets you can study online. I’m confident you can get a recommendation from them that will fit your needs. Happy Tweeter Shopping!

I noted that they also offer a repair service.


They would also need to be of the same impedance (4 or 8ohm) and efficiency (SPL @ 1W, 1m) as the original tweeters which could make selection of a suitable substitute a little more challenging :confused:

Good points, but depends on the cross-over. Some cross-overs handle the impedance issue within a certain range. The efficiency issue is more complicated, but I’m thinking not crucial in a near-field environment, depending on what amp is driving them. Again, the crossover design can play a part in that as well.

Tweeters on the Event PS range.

“The tweeters on all three models feature one-inch, magnetically-shielded, ferrofluid-cooled, natural silk domes”

grammer shool

Steve, Steve! :laughing: :laughing:


Okay, thank you Mr Swamp!

I sent an email this morning and this time they responded. It turns out
they have the PS8 tweeter in stock – they were just out previously.

Now, if I can just find what I did with my driver’s license



Good news, Doug! :slight_smile:

Why didn’t they tell you that in the first place rather than just saying the product was no longer supported? :imp:

That smelled bad, but I had to laugh. :blush: :mrgreen:

Cool you’ve found the end of this silence!!!

LOL – one night when I was trying to set my audio up for a round
of World of Warcraft I had my mic up WAY too loud and it caused
horrible extremely loud feedback, which caused me to panic and
freeze… when I finally shut it off, I had a blown tweeter and a
blown ribbon in a ribbon mic