I have a dream.... an end to all the damn GUI window opening

I was working today, and clicking on an ‘e’ for the thousandth time… and moving my vst GUI to the place I wished it just had have been to begin with (on my 3rd monitor… top left, where all vst GUI’s belong) :wink:
And I remembered my favorite feature from Studio One when I used it for a few months a few years back. I bailed on it pretty quick because of the god awful comping (which is still terrible all these revisions on) but man, that DAW had some genius features. (drag & drop being one. SO happy we finally got that)

Those of you who have checked out S1 will know exactly what I’m talking about. Basically in S1 you can put their version of the ‘edit’ window in a place, and choose to have the plugin or VST GUI open…so, as you flick through tracks… from Massive, to Omnisphere etc… the plugin switches to that synth instantly.

Just thinking about it… man… it was a truly brilliant thing.

The same with your inserts etc. The first one would be right there, in the same location for every track… and subsequent inserts in the chain were ‘tabbed’ behind the first plugin.
The way Cubase handles this stuff is archaic comparitively. If I counted how many times in a project I’ve gone through the process of clicking an ‘e’ button bring up a synth or reverb or eq or compressor…I bet it would literally be in the thousands for every song. And it’s awlays somewhere on some screen overlapping something & I’ve gotta move it again. SO painful.
I’m hoping Steiny is watching the Presonus cats & planning their lifting of awesome ideas every day. The drag & drop feature we finally got makes me hopeful.
I know it sounds like hyperbole… but I honestly think if they introduced this kind of feature, I’d not want for much else. It’s the only thing left… which I guess might not be good for them… coz I might never need to upgrade again I suppose. (we all know that’s that not true of course!)

An ‘Edit XL’ window. Mmmmmmm.

You could even setup how much real estate you wanted to use. So at it’s smallest the first insert is open, with others ready to tab through. Or, if you have the 4k space, maybe 4 are docked?

As you cycle through tracks, all the VST GUI’'s and/or insert GUI’s are just ‘there’. In the same place. Every time. No clicking an ‘e’. No moving it out of the way of something else you need to focus on.

I can’t tell you how cool and time saving (and how obvious it is that it’s something you’d want) until you use it.

Come on Steiny… I know you can do it.