I have a dream

Its just simple, but helpful.
Do you think it is possible to get a routing possibility, from the selected channel to the outside world,
not solo, to see it on an analyzer,to compare it, or anything else.
I know this is also possible with workarounds, but come on, every cheap behringer can do this.
maybe in the controllroom section, just like the meter output:-)
maybe as a christmas present, or as version 12,
thank you

You can add a Metering output in the Audio Connections window.


I used to use an Aux Send to do this. I am sure you can too.

this are workarounds, the metring output works on solo or the master but not on select,
and its toooooooo much work everytime to switch on and off the aux,
I do this if, I have to use this feature, to compare a single sound against the master.
everytime means a lot of additional work for a simple program feature.
And mixing with 2 analyzers is very helpful.
I know its a dream, to have a DAW that can do things every cheap Behringer can do.

Unless I misunderstand you …
You can assign an output exclusively for external metering.
(Check your audio connections)

I think what the OP would like is to be able to set the selected channel as the source for the meter output rather than the main out.

Ah, OK. My Bad.


you comparing two completely different things…
try to tweak EQ settings on a not selected track on the Behringer (or any other low to medium budget digital console)
but, you can use the analyser on Nuendos channel-EQ screen at more than one channel
just open additional channel setting windows or open a second channel inside the EQ for comparison

Thank you Eric,
this was my goal to have this feature.
My english is tooo bad, to bring it on the right point.
I do all this workarounds, took a studiosend, and then its a little bit easier to measure and hear
without toooo many clicks.
I work often with plugins, they set the right frequenz in phase, to bring the source more in front or less, to widen the signal or not. this works great if the right settings are done, but it has to be
really exact, otherwise it is a killer in the sound, so this is the reason why I have to use
2 Measuring Systems.

to st10ss
The point is this is not exact enough to work with phasecorrections.
I use a pinguin and a tcclarity to see what I hear. The resolution in the Steinberg is not
good enough for me
if i do your way i have to put in each chanel the Analyzer, this is a lot of DSP power for nothing
because it is not good enough to see and hear the difference.
I also used a real oszilloscope for the right Phase, but the TC has got an Update, and this works fine

FR: The listen bus should be able to feed the metering channel.

best tegards,

I still don’t get the point what you are trying to do… and why you are compare it with the Behringer
you can insert the Pinguin on the listen bus (plug-in slots in the phone output) and the Clarity to the hardware out…
so you can compare everything with the listen bus and the master…

PM me in German if you like…

Hi Johannes

it is not the problem to get the signal to the hardware, also the listen goes straight to the master
it is about less mouse movements and saving time.
If you have to mixdown a session, and this should be possible with nuendo, you have to check each chanel somtimes ten or more times, to hear and see what happens on the bus compare to a group or a master or anything else.
normal you select the chanel to make anything with this traxk.
and now this is the point, now I have to switch on the aux or the group, to see what I hear and to see the behavior in the analyzer. then I can check the two sources and I see what happens exact.
then I leave the track, I have to switch of the routing of the analyzer.
And this is boring. I have made a remote to get everything done with ONE button controlled by midi remote, this helps a little bit,but the dream was a metering output on the selected chanel.also I use this output on a RME ARC to switch without any latency between the two sources, and this works much better as in Nuendo