I have a few newbie questions

Hi, I would love to know the answers to these questions:

In some of Justin Perkin’s videos his template doesn’t have the sidebar containing the bit-meter on the left hand side. How do you hide this sidebar?

How does one exit the Notes editor without using the mouse? The only way I have found to do it is to use a cntrl-tab to shift focus to the audio editor, and then cntrl-tab again to return to the Montage. At this point the Notepad will have relinquished control of the keyboard. There has to be a better way…

How does one open a folder in the Files tab without double-clicking on it with the mouse? Similarly, how can one move one level up the heirarchy without having to click on the “up one level” arrow? I would like to traverse the file hierarchy with the keyboard alone.

Is there a way to retain access to the playback channel options (L, R, M, S, etc.) key commands while the Master Section is closed?

That’s all for now! This list used to be a lot longer, but I managed to answer all the other questions myself. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to answer these!

I solved one of. them… to exit the Notes editor without using the mouse press control-escape.

Hi oldskool,
concerning for the question about the bit-meter:
You can simply either use the dock-options by docking that tool window to another place of the window or just put that tool window into the “Control Window” (4 are available) or close that tool window by clicking on “x”

concerning for the question about the Files tab:
There is currently no other solution what you already mentioned.

concerning for the question about the Master Section:
The Master Section needs to be visible if you want to change the options.


If you take all the things that are in that area out of it (dock elsewhere or close), then the section disappears.

FWIW, I have all those meters available on my StreamDeck, but they’re all just floating and appear/disappear when I do/don’t need them.

On mac, you hit command+w. I believe in windows it would be control+w.