I have a problem with Steinberg Hub

Hi, one day i had a problem with my internet connect, Ok.(1.09.2019)
Now i have internet connect but my Hub is empty(just empty), why?
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 10\Html\Hub - have the file “no_internet.html”


That’s weird, if i use Cubase on my Macbook and i have no internet it just says ‘Connecting…’ on the left panel there.


Maybe is it a problem from Steinberg servers? We can wait answer from moderators.

Same, just on a PC. But I have internet connection now.

Try updating the elicenser Control Center, worked for me.

same problem - “News and tutorials” in the hub is empty

Same here. No “News and tutorials”.

Same here.

Same here. Starts with … connecting, then blank.

Had the same problem on Windows 10, then took Percks advice and updated E-licencer to latest version, problem solved

Same problem here for days but solved after seeing your post. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you! your advice solved my problem with Hub. :wink:

Guys who have same problem, visit this link and update your eLicenser Control Center.

It worked! Thank you.

Yup. Updated eLicenser Control and all is well. Thanks!

Installing 10.0.40 and updating eLicenser fixed the problem.