i have a question please...

hello iam new here ! :slight_smile:

and i have a question about cubase "trial for 30 days " .

So , when i finally bout a Cubase 7.5 from my school Of music i had a lot of problems with the install CD of cubase - its stucked on "HAlion Sonic Content " and i had alot of “missing files Audio” in HSSE - and i decided to Reinstall All Cubase From start and still have problems on Cubase Setup…

i have a licnese key and Elineceser . so i decided to Download The Trial beacuse i have the key lincese and my question is if after 30 days cubase will still availible ? or i need to “buy” it … even i have a key lincese…

thank you

and sorry for my English.

Hey, and welcome!

Your situation is somewhat unclear to me, but I’ll try.

Do you own a full license for Cubase 7.5? If so, then you can use any version (equal or lower to 7.5) of Cubase.

If it says “trial for 30 days”, then that license will expire after either 30 days of use or 30 days from activation. Within that period you can download and install/uninstall Cubase as many times as you want.

The eLicenser is the license “manager” software, and keeps licenses in software (on one machine) or on hardware USB dongles. A license in software is obviously erased if you reinstall Windows, for example. A license on a dongle is stored on the dongle, and stays until it is either removed, copied or the dongle breaks. You can copy a license from one dongle to another. If the license has an expiration target, the license will be unusable after that target.

When you buy “Cubase”, you are buying a license for a dongle, which can be inserted into any machine you choose. However, you can only use Cubase on the machine in which the dongle is currently in. You will have to move the physical dongle in order to run Cubase on another machine.

Maybe I complicated the issue, but it’s something… :wink:


To me it seems you do not know how to install a full version of Cubase. I guess you have 2 DVDs. You need to insert the second DVD when it is time to install Halion SE content. Check for installation guides on the Steinberg website.

And if you have bought an educational copy of Cubase 7.5, all you need to do is to activate it’s serial number on your dongle. Even if you choose to install the trial version, you will have a permanent license. Check out the website for instructions on that too.

Good luck.