I have already HSO licence, how to proceed with new Dorico installation?

Good morning, Dorico users:

I searched the forum and I could find answers to similar questions, but not to exactly my question.

I use Cubase since a couple of years, and I have already a HSO licence, but I just purchased Dorico and not yet installed it. Should I install anyway again the HSO library to work properly with Dorico, or will the software recognize all the sounds and articulations that are already in my system? I know I could just try, but I am afraid of have issues regarding HSO licence duplication and/or to have the library installed twice in my system. Should I deactivate my old HSO licence, or what is the right procedure to follow?

Thank you very much.

Welcome to the forum, Knopf. You should indeed run both the “Dorico Playback 1” and “Dorico Playback 2” installers from Steinberg Download Assistant. This will ensure that everything is set up as it should be for Dorico but it won’t duplicate any existing content you have already got installed for Cubase, so it’s safe to run these installers even if you have Cubase installed.

Well, this was fast!
Thank you, Daniel. I will install Halion Symphonic Orchestra again, then. I asume the new Dorico licence, which includes HSO, will not collide with my old HSO licence.


No, from a licensing point of view your existing HSO license and your new Dorico license are completely separate.

Thank you for clearing that. I will proceed, then.

One thing worth knowing: in Dorico you shouldn’t use the old HSO plugin. All the HSO samples are available through the HALion Sonic SE plugin, and if you use the default ‘HSO+HSSE’ playback template then the sounds will be loaded automatically.

OK, thank you, Paul.

My name is Augusto and I have 3 questions about Dorico SE 3 (free version):

  1. I run Cubase Elements 10 on my PC which has a Intel i3 processor. My question will Dorico SE 3 run on my PC as well?

  2. I read that Dorico SE 3 usesI Halion Sonic SE 3. ButI already have Halion Sonic SE 3 installed on my Cubase Elements 10. Do I need to install it again in other to use Dorico SE 3?

  3. On mu Steinberg Download Assistant I have 2 files on Dorico SE 3 icon:
    Dorico SE 3 Application installer
    Dorico SE 3 Sounds Installer
    My question: Should I install both?

The Sound installer should install the Sonic sounds. Presumably you can try just installing the SE program. If that has trouble producing sound, then install the other.

One hint. Start by installing SE using the soft-eLicenser. Otherwise your Cubase dongle may have a trial license that will send you directly to Dorico Pro until it expires. If SE is not on the dongle, you can try it with the dongle plugged in; if that sends you to Dorico Pro, you can unplug the dongle to gain easier access to SE.

Although you should be able to get to SE even with the dongle in by holding down CTRL/CMD as Dorico loads, some have had a lot of trouble with this if they have a trial license remaining on their Cubase dongle.

I would recommend that you run both installers. The installers are clever enough to update files that need updating without duplicating existing content on your hard drive. I would also echo Derrek’s advice that you might want to consider putting your Dorico SE license on your Soft-eLicenser and then disconnecting your USB-eLicenser when you run Dorico SE, depending on whether it will bother you that Dorico will instead run as Dorico Pro if a time-limited “all applications” license is found on your USB-eLicenser.

I have only soft-eLicenser on eLicenser Control Center! I don’t have a USB-eLicenser! So, how do I do it then?

Derrek and Daniel were not aware that also Cubase Elements is protected via the Soft-eLicenser. So simply ignore that what they said about the eLicenser stuff and just let the installers run. You’ll be fine then.

Ah, thank you , Ulf. That answers a misconception I had on another current thread dealing with Cubase Elements.

Thank you very much Ulf!