I have been looking for the meaning of this tool since this morning

I have been looking for the meaning of this tool since this morning.

Nothing in the manual (at least not knowing the name of the thing). Nothing when using the mouse (function name or shortcut). Nothing under the heading: keyboard editor (at least in the French help). Even the video tutorial on the keyboard editor goes over the description of the tools.

Thanks for your help!

I believe that’s the “Put the paper down and go outside for a few minutes” button.



See page 16 of the Version History: https://blog.dorico.com/wp-content/uploads/Dorico_4.3_Version_History.pdf


Thank you. Not easy to guess by the picture!

I thought it was the direction for the urinals…

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Here is the text, for those who are also wondering:

Sync region tool (MIDI CC and dynamics editor only). When you are viewing multiple tracks in the Key Editor, the sync region tool allows you to push the data from a region shown in the primary track to all of the selected secondary tracks, replacing the existing data in that region in the secondary tracks with the data from the primary track.

Thanks, I’m not doing MIDI work at the moment but will be and would have been puzzled about that too.

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