I have C7.5.20 and want to edit an SX3 song

I’m on C7.5.20, and want to just touch up a song created in SX3, minor edits only. Anyone think I should import it into C7.5.20, or should I just stay in SX3?

If the latter: I have an SX disk. If I wanted to work on it in SX3, should I use the disk, or download from the site linked in the following thread:


Thanks -

I would copy the project directory first and load it into Cb7.5 to see how it goes. In my experience you’ll probably find most of it works OK but there may be some probs with plugins missing (you can still get legacy plugins though but they don’t always work correctly).

However, if you’re a bit edgy about things sounding different you should go for SX, because at least you know it’ll be exactly the same (although you may still have plugins missing).

Mind you, I also suspect that you’ll have some problems running SX on Win7x64 because it’s not supported, maybe quite unreliable, crashing etc, who knows…


Thank you Mike. I got to thinking … I still have my old XP workstation, maybe I’ll fire up SX3 there. Memory lane for sure …

Install SX3 on your XP system – don’t even bother trying to run it there – and zip up the folder in Program Files, just copy it across to your W7x64, unzip it and run the .exe directly from there. Totally unsupported, but works perfectly.