I have Cubase 7 and i want to install cubase 5 as well.

Hi I Have a few questions

i have cubase 7 us and elicenser activated, and i want to install cubase 5 along with cubase 7.

can i use my licens to install a cubase 5 from the web?

or do i need to buy cubase 5 licens as well? and if i do need to buy it can i just buy actevation code and use my elicencer?

please help me i have to have it for few old projects.

You don’t need to buy anything, just install Cubase 5 and it will run on the C7 licence.

The bit about installing Cubase 5 would be the hard part if he doesn’t have the media anymore. I don’t think Steinberg keep the old disc images on the archive.

I wanted Cubase 6.5 after buying 7. I wrote a nice email to Steinberg support and a few days later they gave me a download link. This might work to get Cubase 5.


go to that address… it may have the cubase 5 installation file

there is only update there…

I used the form from this page.

and to help you this is a copy of my request.

_Subject: Cubase 6.5

I upgraded to Cubase 7 from Cubase 5.5
It is my understanding that as I own the licence to use 7 I can also use 6.5 on my computer.
My question is, is it possible to give me the a link so that I can download the Cubase 6.5 app.

I hope this helps.

You are just asking for trouble…


it is against the Forum rules to discuss warez and cracked software. I deleted the two posts, please avoid it in the future.

Your local distributors (Become a Steinberg Reseller | Steinberg) will be able to give you a download link to the ISO images. If not, please PM me.

But no warez discussion.