I Have Cubase Windows Management Scheme.

Please solve the windows management in 6… or 7

I have been waiting to upgrade to 6 from 5 but since the window management in cubase is problematic for me i have held back a bit. I would like to see a one window interface as an OPTION and a bit of more drag and drop option. I know there are people with more than one monitor but that option should not be a problem for that.

All windows like pool mixer should be access with a bottom somewhere on the right hand side.

I have attached a pic of what i think.

Does anyone share my concerns?
cubase window management.png

Yes, in about three topics a week people ask for this. It’s no reason not to upgrade IMO.

Concerning the ‘wasted space’ you mark in the picture: you can open any combination of Inspector parts by clicking on them while holding CTL (could be SHIFT, not at the studio now). Like here.

What I meant it should have a config. so it can stay open permanently. Fliping window is a killer for me and also the dongle I forget that. Going mobile is so hard. I just don’t want to brake the key or else loose it.

Just hold down “ctrl” while opening any items in the inspector if you want to see more than one at a time.

There’s an echo inhere… :sunglasses:

Can you see all the object when all is open and easily accessible Every single one?

This topic is also very often discussed in the german forum, and yes: there is LOTS of wasted space in Cubase inspector. I come from Samplitude 12 and I hope urgently that the designers of Cubase are having a very close look on how Magix managed to organize the inspector there.

What do you mean by “object”?