I have found a workaround for the Window focus problem


So I have this amazing lemur project for cubase ,however when I go to the mixer tab to use key commands they won’t work cause the mixer is on the 2nd screen and if it’s not in focus nothing as well as if the mixer is in focus the project commands don’t work …so what I did was tie a button to the tab that runs a simple macro (not cubase) that moves the mouse to the blank spot on the window and clicks …so when I hit the mixer tab the macro runs and clicks an puts focus on the mixer window…in lemur there is no way to assign a script to link tabs to mouseout commands,that would be the best way but what can you do …here’s a pic…but you can setup up a key combo for this outside of cubase if anyone has this problem the one project focus button covers 3 tabs and the mixer has 1 button